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Members List of Countries
Chair Mr Neil Fraser
Secretary Mr David Hallam
Working languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish
Frequency of sessions One session each biennium
Next session 68th Session, 11-16 June 2010
Previous session 67th Session, 20 - 22 April 2009
Reports and documents online CCP 2009, CCP 2007, CCP 2005, CCP 2003, CCP 2001, CCP 1999
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   Commitee on Commodity Problems
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Committee on
Commodity Problems

The responsibility of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) is to keep commodity problems of an international character affecting production, trade, distribution, consumption and related economic matters under review. Its functions are enumerated in Rule XXIX of the General Rules of the Organization. Membership in the CCP is for the biennium only. Interested members of FAO need to apply formally for membership each biennium. For more information please contact the Committee Secretary.


David Hallam
Secretary, Committee on Commodity Problems

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