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Members List of Countries
Chairperson Mr Luc Guyau
Secretary Director, Conference, Council and Protocol Affairs Division (CSC)
Working languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Frequency of sessions Holds at least four sessions between regular sessions of the Conference
Next session 141st Session, in Rome
from 11 15 April 2011
Previous session 140th Session, in Rome
from 29 November 3 December 2010
Reports and Documents online CL 139, CL 138, CL 137, CL 136, CL 135, CL 134, CL 133, CL 132, CL 131, CL 130, CL 129, CL 128, CL 127, CL 126, CL 125, CL 124, CL 123, CL 122, CL 121, CL 120, CL 119, CL 118, CL 117 CL 116 CL 115
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Verbatim Records
Other Information Chairpersons of the Council
Rules of Procedure

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FAO Council

The Council is the executive organ of the Conference. It has 49 Members and has powers delegated to it by the Conference.The Council meets at least four times between regular Conference sessions. In particular, it exercises functions dealing with the world food and agricultural situation and related matters, current and prospective activities of the Organization, including the Programme of Work and Budget, administrative matters, financial management of the Organization, and constitutional questions.


Stephen Dowd
Chief CSCC

Miriam M. Saif
Reports, Records and Documentation Officer, CSCC

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