Pezzana Andrea

Andrea Pezzana is the Director of a Hospital Clinical Nutrition, San Giovanni Antica Sede Hospital, Turin (1993-2009) and San Giovanni Bosco Hospital, Turin (2009-2016). He is Adjunct Professor of Clinical Nutrition in Oncology (2003-2013) and  Preventive Clinical Nutrition (2013-2016) at Turin University, School of Medicine Adjunct Professor of Ethics and Nutrition, (2007-2016), Theological University of Northern Italy Adjunct  Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition at Gastronomic Sciences University (2010-2016) – Pollenzo (Italy), Member of the Editorial Committee of the Mediterranean Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and Coordinator of Piedmont regional network of Clinical Nutrition Units since 2013.

Dr. Pezzana has a degree in Medicine and Surgery - Turin University, School of Medicine (1988), post-graduate diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, Pavia University (1992), PsyD in Clinical and Community Psichology, Turin university (2007).

Contact: [email protected]