La FAO en Amérique latine et aux Caraïbes

The Regional Office works on a series of priority areas in order to move towards the total eradication of hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean. Working closely with national governments, civil society, academia, indigenous peoples, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, FAO aims to ensure food security for all men, women and children in the region.

Regional priorities and initiatives

Through this initiative, FAO seeks to create and promote sustainable agrifood systems to guarantee greater physical and economic access to diversified and nutritious diets for all people in the region.

This initiative seeks to eradicate hunger and poverty in rural areas, stimulating the development of new economic opportunities in lagging territories.



This regional priority promotes actions that encourage agricultural, fisheries, livestock and forestry production, and considers the integration of biodiversity, the maintenance of ecosystem services, the reduction of carbon emissions, adaptation to climate change, disaster risk management and resilience.