Marie-Josèphe Amiot-Carlin

Marie-Josèphe Amiot-Carlin is a senior scientist in nutrition and public health. She works in the Division of Nutrition and Toxicology of INRAE (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment). Her fields of expertise are food and nutritional security, micronutrients and healthy diets, prevention of malnutrition, and sustainable food systems. She has published over 350 original articles, reviews and book chapters. She was involved in 24 national and international projects as principal investigator or work package leader.

From 2008 to 2022, she was head and co-head of 4 research units. She was asked several times to be a member of national and international panel of experts in nutrition. Since 2018, she is the scientific leader working on food systems at the French Research Agency. Since 2020, she is Vice-President of the French Society of Nutrition, in charge of International Relations.


She is a national of France.