Bernard Lehmann

1973-1978: Master of Science Agricultural Economics, ETH Zurich​

1979-1983: Assistant & PhD in Agricultural Economics, ETH Zurich ​

1984-1991: Scientific Assistant in Agricultural Economics and Policy Design at Swiss Farmers Secretariat and Member of WTO Task Force of Swiss Government (Uruguay Round) ​

1991-2011: Full Professor in Agricultural Economics, ETH Zurich with Focus on sustainability, international competitiveness, development economics with special orientation on food security and climate change. Methods used and developed: quantitative methods, normative and empirical supply and demand analysis, market modelling, system dynamics. International research projects, related to food security, with PhD Students in South America, Asia and Africa. Broad​ collaborative networks within Europe. Peer Review Evaluations in Germany, France, Austria, as Member of Peer Group and Head of Peer Group. Policy advisor for Federal Offices (Agriculture, Environment, Finance, etc.). Teaching activities in Agricultural Economics, Policy Analysis, Environmental Economics and food security under changing conditions. Science management: Chairman of Research Program “Habitats and Landscapes of the Alps” of the Swiss National Research Foundation with more than 70 PhD theses from 1999-2007. Faculty Head of Agricultural and Food Sciences. Head of Institute of Agricultural Economics. Founding Member of the ETH World Food System Competence Center.​

2011- 2019: Director General of Federal Office for Agriculture and President of Agroscope (National Research Station in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences. State Secretary for international agricultural affairs. Strong collaboration with FAO; Crop Trust. Strong emphasis on integration of SDG Agenda 2030 in the agricultural policy development in Switzerland. Co-Lead (with South Africa) of the UN Program “One Planet - Sustainable Food Systems”. ​

Since end 2019: ​

High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE-FSN) at the Committee World Food Security (CFS), Vice-chairperson. (2019-2021)​

High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE-FSN) at the Committee World Food Security (CFS), Chairperson. (2022-2024) 

Foundation Council Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FIBL. (2019-  )​

Executive Board Global Crop Diversity Trust (2020-2023)​