Consultation on the scope of the report on building resilient food systems

HLPE-FSN report on Building resilient food systems

Bangladesh - Home to more than 700 rivers, Bangladesh is increasingly being affected by the impacts of climate change, worsened by erratic monsoon downpours and flooding.

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The HLPE-FSN would like to invite you to the online consultation on the scope of the report on “Building resilient food systems

Please visit the consultation webpage to read the full introduction to this consultation, including the scope of the report and the guiding questions. 

You are welcome to post your contribution in English, French or Spanish directly online upon registration. Alternatively, you can send your inputs to [email protected]

This consultation is open until 17 June 2023. 

The HLPE-FSN produces the above report at the request of the CFS and the results of this consultation will be used by the HLPE-FSN to elaborate it. The final report will be presented at the 53rd plenary session of the CFS in October 2025.

All HLPE-FSN experts encourage you to participate in this report preparation process and invite you to share this information with your professional networks!

For more detailed information on the HLPE-FSN report process, please consult the HLPE-FSN procedures.

Please note that in parallel to this scoping consultation, the HLPE-FSN is calling for interested experts to candidate to the drafting team for this report. The call for candidature is open until 12 June 2024. Read more here.