Critical, emerging and enduring issues for food security and nutrition

Cover photo of the HLPE-FSN Note on Critical, Emerging and Enduring Issues for Food Security and Nutrition

Kakuma, Kenya - Refugees collect water from a water pan near Kakuma refugee camp in Kalobeyei - a settlement for both refugees and Turkana host communities -, Turkana County, Kenya on October 2, 2019. The water pan collects water from a seasonal stream and it is used to water the surrounding crops as a way to provide a source of food and livelihood while combating the challenging climate conditions in the area.

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While there is wide agreement on the need to transform food systems and the elements required to support such transformation, yet there are often conflicting views on how best to achieve this goal.

Which are the critical and emerging issues affecting food security and nutrition? How do they overlap and intersect? The Steering Committee of the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition has identified seven themes at the forefront of the major challenges facing food systems today.

The CFS HLPE-FSN Note on Critical, Emerging and Enduring Issues for Food Security and Nutrition is now available in all UN official languages:

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The HLPE-FSN Critical, emerging and enduring issues note was prepared in the context of an emerging global food crisis of enormous proportions, greatly magnified by the war in Ukraine, further accentuated by closely following upon the COVID-19 pandemic.
Against this background, it is increasingly apparent that sound governance, a robust research agenda, a strong science-policy interface and appropriate financial resources are necessary to facilitate the much needed transformation of food systems in a manner that is equitable and sustainable.

The seven issues will were presented in a special online event, on Friday, 30 September 2022.

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