Collaborative Partnership on Forests


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Flagship initiatives of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Joint statement from the Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Joint statement from the Collaborative Partnership on Forests

The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) is an innovative, voluntary inter-agency partnership of 15 international organizations, institutions and secretariats with substantial programmes on forests.

The vision of the CPF is that "by 2030 all types of forests and forest landscapes are sustainably managed, their multiple values are fully recognized, the potential of forests and their goods and services is fully unlocked, and the Global Forest Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals and other global forest-related goals, targets and commitments are achieved." To support countries achieve these aims, CPF members work together on forest issues to help move from deforestation to restoration.



Joint initiatives

Joint initiatives are established between several CPF member organizations to jointly coordinate and implement activities contributing to the same goals.

CPF joint initiatives strengthen collaboration and mobilize political, scientific, technical and financial support within and beyond the partnership.


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Forest education ©FAO/IR Media
Building capacity and knowledge in forest education

Building capacity and knowledge

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Green finance for sustainable landscapes

Deforestation-free financing

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Streamlining forest-related reporting for countries

Make reporting easier for countries

Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World

Strengthening sustainable wood value chains

Wangari Maathai
Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions

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