Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Wangari Maathai

Forest Champion 2015 Gertrude Kabusimbi Kenyangi

Winner of the Forest Champions Award 2015 Gertrude Kabusimbi Kenyangi

In 2015, the CPF awarded Ugandan forestry activist Gertrude Kabusimbi Kenyangi in recognition of her efforts to promote the conservation and sustainable use of her country's forest resources.

Since 1994, Kenyangi has been working with Uganda's National Forest Authority to protect and promote the sustainable use of tropical forests in the country's Mbarara and Ntungamo districts.

With the help of the women of the community-based non-governmental organization Support for Women and Agriculture (SWAGEN), she has planted over one million trees in the Rwoho Natural Forest buffer zone.

These activities have not only contributed to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in Uganda, but also have generated the new sources of income for local communities through beekeeping, timber harvesting and sales of carbon offset credits.