Collaborative Partnership on Forests

Brazilian Cerrado ©FAO Anne Branthomme

Global Forest Information Service

GFIS logoThe Global Forest Information Service (GFIS), an initiative of the CPF, was led by IUFRO, to collect and displays forest-related information from 350+ partner organizations in a single gateway.

What GFIS offers

  • Common standards for sharing forest-related information resources
  • A system of web-based tools for information exchange and dissemination
  • Participation in GFIS of both information providers and users through appropriate capacity building measures
  • Networking and partnership for sharing forest-related information


The goals of the initiative were to enhance access to all types of forest information, ensuring accessibility to all stakeholders, including governments, researchers, forest managers, NGOs, community groups and the public at large, while improving understanding of forest-related issues, to better decision making and improve public engagement in forest policy and management.

Partnership development

Partnerships with institutions related to forests and forestry create a comprehensive and structured storage of information accessible to GFIS users while simultaneously promoting the institutions themselves. With a growing number of information providers, the GFIS gateway has grown to be a highly respected source for information and bringing increased traffic flows to its partners.