Почвозащитное и ресурсосберегающее земледелие (ПРЗ)


Publications - This publication summarizes and presents the information on possible ways to adopt CA approaches in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It also makes recommendations for their further promotion. The Guidelines cover such topics as the significance and current state of agriculture in the project countries, permanent raised-bed planting technologies, zero-tillage technologies, weed varieties and main measures to control them, crop rotation, overview of CA machinery and equipment, and laser-assisted land levelling. The Guidelines target agricultural scientists, specialists, trainers, extension consultants and interested farmers.
Publications - This book is a contribution to creating the world we want. Maize, rice and wheat are fundamental to world food security. Although the 2014 global cereal harvest was an all-time record, most of it was grown in a few key production areas, where farmers are paying the price of decades of intensive monocropping: soil degradation, groundwater depletion and a marked slow-down in the rate of yield increases. In vast areas of the developing world, farmers obtain barely a fraction of potential yields, owing to natural resource constraints and lack of access to the knowledge and technologies that would enhance their...
Publications - This publication produced by ICARDA and the Australian Government is designed to help innovative farmers, machinery manufacturers, extension specialists, and researchers learn more about conservation agriculture (CA) in the Middle East, especially the practicalities of implementing the various CA principles in the field. Although CA was little known in the Middle East prior to 2005, it has been increasingly adopted around the world over the past four decades, and has been adapted to almost all crops, soil types, climatic zones, and farming systems.
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