Country Leaflet

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SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/PAK/3809/C5 TCPF: Support for Development of Master Plan for Ecological Restoration of the Indus River Basin for a Climate Resilient Future 2022 202298,000$
TCP/PAK/3804 Support development and piloting Pakistan Animal Identification and Traceability System (PAITS) 2021 2023231,000$
TCP/PAK/3805 Technical Support for Developing Capacity for Implementing 2021 Integrated Agriculture Census 2021 2023150,000$
TCP/PAK/3802/C1 TCPF: Strengthening of Seed Quality Assurance System 2021 202275,000$
TCP/PAK/3806 Building capacities on food systems with special focus on gender and women empowerment 2021 2022378,000$
TCP/PAK/3807/C3 TCPF: Support to the establishment of Producer Marketing Groups for Improved Food Security 2021 202299,000$
TCP/PAK/3808/C4 TCPF: Technical Support to Pakistan Digital Village Piloting 2021 202299,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
UTF /PAK/162/PAK Sindh Barrages Improvement Project 2022 20231,299,999$
UTF /PAK/155/PAK Transforming the Indus Basin with Climate Resilient Agriculture and Climate-Smart Water Management 2021 20264,699,966$
UTF /PAK/157/PAK Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project 2021 2022320,037$
UTF /PAK/139/PAK Control of Transboundary Livestock Diseases (Foot and Mouth Disease and Peste des Petits Ruminants) 2017 202239,948,627$
UTF /PAK/099/PAK FAO/MinNFS&R Cooperation in Programme Development 2006 2023412,450$
GCP /PAK/159/EC Revival of Balochistan Water Resources Programme (RBWRP) 2022 202630,445,177$
GCP /PAK/146/GCF Transforming the Indus Basin with Climate Resilient Agriculture and Climate-Smart Water Management 2020 202634,990,831$
GCP /PAK/152/EC Strengthening Resilience of Agro-Pastoralists in Sindh (SRAS) 2020 20243,576,600$
GCP /PAK/091/GFF Reversing deforestation and degradation in high conservation value Chilgoza Pine Forests in Pakistan (FSP) 2018 20233,978,440$
GCP /PAK/144/USA The Horticulture Advancement Activity 2018 202210,731,438$
GCP /PAK/147/USA Alternative Livelihood through High Value Crops in FATA (ALOP) 2018 20221,300,627$
GCP /PAK/137/EC Improved Land Tenancy in Sindh Province 2017 20234,494,382$
UNJP/PAK/160/UNJ Living River Initiative- Ecological Restoration of Indus River Basin for Climate Resilient Future 2022 202283,823$
UNJP/PAK/156/UNJ Strengthening economic resilience and food security for women Home Based Workers and women farmers (COVID-19 related) 2021 2022700,000$
UNJP/PAK/150/ICT Pakistan Growth for Rural Advancement and Sustainable Progress (GRASP) Programme 2019 20249,728,845$