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Country Leaflet

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SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
TCP/ZIM/3903 Strengthening capacities of national institutions for Sustainable Forest management and Climate Change in Zimbabwe 2023 2025117,000$
TCP/ZIM/3904/C3 TCPF: Support towards Building Sustainable Resilient and Inclusive Food Systems in Zimbabwe 2023 202599,000$
TCP/ZIM/3906 One Country One Priority Product: Support towards developing the soyabean value chain in Zimbabwe 2023 2025250,000$
TCP/ZIM/3907 Technical support to enhance fish breeding and production in Zimbabwe 2023 2025500,000$
TCP/ZIM/3905/C4 TCPF: Strengthening Early Warning and Agricultural Information Systems 2023 202454,000$
TCP/ZIM/3901/C1 TCPF: Technical support towards the launch of the Digital Villages Initiative in Zimbabwe 2022 2024100,000$
TCP/ZIM/3902/C2 TCPF: Technical assistance to roll out the Green Cities Initiative in Zimbabwe 2022 202480,000$
SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
OSRO/ZIM/042/CHA Mitigating the Impact of El Nino-induced Drought (MIEND) 2024 20241,200,000$
OSRO/ZIM/040/GER Anticipating the Impacts of El Niño-induced Drought to Protect Smallholder Farmers Livelihoods. 2023 2024500,000$
OSRO/ZIM/041/USA Mitigating the Impact of Livestock Diseases in Zimbabwe 2023 20242,200,000$
GCP /ZIM/031/GFF A cross-sector approach supporting the mainstreaming of sustainable forest and land management, to enhance ecosystem resilience for improved livelihoods in the Save and Runde Catchments of Zimbabwe (FSP) 2021 202610,433,946$
UTF /ZIM/038/ZIM Zimbabwe Emergency Food Production Project 2022 202420,620,000$
UNJP/ZIM/033/EC Enhanced Resilience for Vulnerable Households in Zimbabwe (ERVHIZ) 2021 20249,648,009$
GCP /ZIM/031/UK Addressing gaps in surveillance of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in Zimbabwe 2020 20245,284,725$
UNJP/ZIM/034/UNJ Combating AMR using One Health Approach in Zimbabwe 2021 2024327,858$