The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)


The overall objectives of the EuFMD training programme are to support the capacity development of veterinary services and animal health workers to improve preparedness for management of FMD and similar transboundary animal diseases (FAST) crises by EuFMD Member Nations, reduce risk in neighbouring countries and sustaining and enhancing the progress in the roll-out of the GF-TADs global strategy. 

The Commission has a catalogue of open-access and tutored activities that cover multiple FAST diseases and support emergency preparedness, outbreak investigations, preparation of the progress of countries through the Progressive Control Pathway (PCP), management of biorisk in laboratories, simulation exercises, post-vaccination monitoring, assessment of socioeconomic impact, analysis of risk through value chains, wildlife surveillance, depopulation and laboratory training. 

The training menu ranges from online to face-to-face workshops, including in-field capacity development activities like Real-Time trainings. 

These activities provide a learning pathway to animal health workers according to their expectations and level of experience.