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Benin authorities promote World Food Safety Day


The Beninese Food Safety Agency (ABSSA) organized a nationwide celebration of World Food Safety Day for 7 June, to raise public awareness about food safety among the general public and food workers and encourage action to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks.

Government dignitaries appeared on television in the run up to the day itself to ensure maximum publicity for the event. In addition to print media coverage, on 2 June, the Director General of ABSSA, Épiphane Sètondji Hossou, appeared on the Actu Matin programme on the Canal 3 television channel to promote the World Food Safety Day events, and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Innocent Togla, spoke on the ORTB television channel on 6 June.

A 7 June event involved a panel discussion on the subject of “a healthy environment for healthy food,” which was introduced by Épiphane Sètondji Hossou and Innocent Togla and which was followed by a debate.

Subsequently, over a four-day period, ABSSA organized training sessions for people who work in the hospitality industry in the city of Cotonou. People from 144 different establishments attended these sessions.

ABSSA employees also went out into food markets and distributed World Food Safety Day aprons and masks and talked to stall holders about good hygiene practices.


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