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Nicaragua celebrates food safety at health centres and other venues across the country


For World Food Safety Day 2021, the competent authorities in food safety of Nicaragua carried out different activities such as: creating murals, holding talks, visiting food retail outlets, producing posters and a video to highlight the importance of food safety, all under the theme "Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow". It should be noted that the competent authorities in matters of food safety lead the national work of INFOSAN and the Codex Alimentarius, for which guidelines were implemented and educational materials provided by them were used.

The Ministry of Health (MINSA) was involved at the different levels, with the Local Comprehensive Health Care Systems (SILAIS, the acronym in Spanish) health centres hosting activities in municipalities across the country. Murals were created and displayed so that people could learn about and celebrate this day, in which a call is made to ensure safety and consume healthy food.

Talks were given in health centres and in schools on food safety, emphasizing WHO’s Five keys to safer food, hygiene, hand washing and healthy food consumption.

Visits were made to establishments that prepare and sell food, including dining rooms, cafeterias, fruit stands, markets, etc where the importance of hand washing and the use of personal protective equipment was highlighted.

On 1 and 3 June 2021, a webinar was held by FAO, PAHO, IICA, OIRSA and CCLAC, involving participants from various Latin American countries, sharing their knowledge and experiences in ensuring food safety. Officials from the Ministry of Health and Institute for Protection and Agricultural Health of Nicaragua participated and gave a presentation on traceability.