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Singapore Food Agency video highlights how food safety is everyone's business


Low Li Ping

Singapore Food Agency

In conjunction with World Food Safety Day on June 7, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) worked with the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) on a video project to raise awareness of our science-based and risk management approach to ensuring food safety in Singapore. The video also highlights how food safety is “everyone’s business”, which is the theme for the year’s World Food Safety Day. 

The video featured scientists from SFA’s National Centre for Food Science (NCFS), who shared more about our food safety regime, as well as NCFS’ testing capabilities that support SFA’s regulatory and monitoring programmes. 

“We took the opportunity in the video to debunk a common misconception that we test every single food product in the market, which would not be practical or sustainable,” said Mr Johnny Yeung, scientist from NCFS’ Research & Risk Assessment Department. 

“Instead, our food safety regime consists of a range of control measures along the food supply chain. This includes regular testing of food products that are commonly associated with certain food safety hazards. Ensuring food safety also requires the cooperation of the industry and individuals, which we hoped to emphasise through the video.”

The video was shared on SFA and MSE’s social media platforms, and has since garnered more than 66,000 views.