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World Food Safety Day 2023 will highlight food standards


The World Food Safety Day 2023 campaign has started today, with the theme “Food standards save lives”. The theme coincides with the 60th anniversary of Codex Alimentarius this year and encourages food safety advocates around the world to focus on the importance of applying standards in every aspect of food production - from the source to the table.

The launch saw the publication of this year’s guide in all six UN languages, which provides information on the theme and Codex Alimentarius, as well as some tips on the kinds of activities people could organize and the key messages being promoted this year. In addition, the World Food Safety Day website has been updated in anticipation of the 2023 celebrations that will take place on (or around) 7 June.

This will be the fifth observance of World Food Safety Day. Since the first celebration in 2019 World Food Safety Day has grown every year in terms of the number of countries where it is celebrated, and the number of events organized. This year, then, is likely to be bigger than ever, as people become increasingly aware of the need to apply good food safety practices all along the food chain.

In a video message, Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary, underlines the World Food Safety Day slogan saying: food safety is everyone’s business. Foodborne illness is almost entirely preventable and can be significantly reduced if we all raise awareness and inspire action on food safety.

The World Food Safety Day team looks forward to receiving details of the events and activities you are organizing for this year’s celebrations! Contact us on [email protected]


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Download the Guide to World Food Safety Day 2023 – available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish