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CCASIA22 / meeting prepares to discuss strategic food safety priorities for the region


Although this session will be held virtually, Chairperson Jing TIAN, China, encourages all Member Countries in the region attending the meeting, “to actively participate and to discuss issues of mutual interest, confirm the regional priorities and activities under the framework of the Codex Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and promote the harmonization of regional standards”.

The proposals for these standards include soybean products fermented with Bacillus species. Natto, Cheonggukjang and Thua Nao will be covered by the standard and the basic ingredients for these products are soybeans, potable water and Bacillus species.

A second proposed standard is for cooked rice wrapped in plant leaves. This consists of rice with various fillings, wrapped in bamboo, reed or other plant leaves and cooked by steaming or boiling.

A third proposed standard is for quick frozen dumplings. Typically crescent-shaped and formed with a wrapper, they can have a variety of fillings, and are served with a dipping sauce.

By specifying product definition and quality requirements, all these regional standards can help protect consumer health and ensure fair trade practices in Asia.

The session will also discuss proposals for new work on standards for cooked rice, traditional Asian sweets and canned congee.

The regional meetings in Codex are an excellent opportunity for collaboration across the region and for countries to share valuable experiences. Masami Takeuchi, FAO, believes developing resilience and sustainability in a strong collaborative approach has become ever more important since the pandemic and is looking forward to a fruitful meeting where the longstanding collaboration between FAO and WHO can provide a good role model for national and regional food and agriculture and health sectors.

Lingping ZHANG, Codex Secretariat said: “The meeting is an excellent opportunity for countries in the region to come together and reaffirm their commitment to the Codex Strategic Plan. This committee is extremely active in proposing work on new standards and we look forward to working diligently in line with our rules to assess the value of the proposals in terms of their relevance and timeliness as work priorities.”


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