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New videos demonstrate the impacts of the Codex Trust Fund


The Codex Trust Fund (CTF) supports low- and middle-income countries to participate more effectively in the work of Codex. The Fund is currently supporting over 30 projects across the world that will bolster national Codex structures and improve capacities to provide scientific data, to contribute to meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), its subsidiary bodies and working groups, and to ensure countries benefit from their membership of Codex to protect consumer health and increase access to fair trade.

The CTF is made possible by the generous donations of a number of Codex Member Countries and over the course of 2023, three videos were produced that demonstrate the impacts of these donations not only for the countries involved, but also for Codex and its membership. According to Michael Hinsch, CTF administrator, these videos are also aimed at eligible countries that have not yet applied to the CTF: ”The results achieved to date demonstrate that CTF beneficiary countries have been able to enhance their national Codex programmes according to their set priorities. We hope the achievements highlighted in the videos will further encourage eligible countries to apply for CTF support.”

The videos explored three very different projects and describe a range of project impacts and benefits.

The “BIN” project
Bhutan, India and Nepal (BIN) applied collectively to CTF requesting support for the Fund’s first ever group project. This video was shot in Bhutan on the occasion of the project’s terminal meeting, where it became clear that the three countries have not only developed a new and significant working relationship, but that they intend to continue taking advantage of these benefits. The countries recognized the opportunities they now have to leverage their collective position to promote new work on large cardamom and millets. That Bhutan-Nepal proposal for new work on large cardamom was agreed by the Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs in their 29 January-2 February 2024 meeting. In terms of impacts for individual countries, the video focuses on the ways improved Codex capacities have benefitted Bhutan.

CTF in Honduras
Honduras co-led work that resulted, in December 2023, in the adoption by CAC of new Guidelines for the Safe Use and Reuse of Water in Food Production and Processing. This was a significant undertaking by the small and developing nation of Honduras and, representing Honduras’ Codex Contact Point, Mirian Bueno explains in the video it was made possible only because of the support and capacity building the CTF project provided.

CTF in Azerbaijan
In Azerbaijan, food is safe. The country has a new, single entity overseeing food safety in the country, has adopted a new Food Safety Law and is investing in technologies that ensure top level traceability, inspection and monitoring. However, Azerbaijan does not have very advanced Codex capacities and, as such, is not in the best position to participate in Codex in a way that is meaningful for the country. The CTF project is supporting the country as it seeks to improve these capacities.

The Codex Trust Fund is hosted by the World Health Organization, one of the parent organizations of the Codex Alimentarius.

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The BIN project
CTF in Honduras (EN)
CTF in Honduras (ES)
CTF in Azerbaijan

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