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CTF/ National Codex Committee of Uzbekistan visits CCEURO Coordinator Germany


Anne Beutling and Vanessa Beier, Germany, Coordinator for Europe

From 4–6 March 2024, the current CCEURO Coordinator, Germany, hosted a study visit for a four-member delegation consisting of representatives from the Uzbek Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. The visit was made possible thanks to the Codex Trust Fund (CTF). The delegation’s main interest concerned guidance and practical lessons learnt by Germany in its establishment of a national food control system, in particular as regards food safety aspects related to the use of pesticides and veterinary drugs.

The visit provided the participants not only with insights into the working methods of the German Codex Contact Point, the elaboration of Codex standards and European Union (EU) food safety law, but also into the practical implementation of national food safety regulations in Germany. Trips to the German National Reference Laboratory for Pesticides, the European Reference Laboratory for Residues of Veterinary Drugs and an experimental farm, formed part of the programme for the visit. The Uzbek delegation also learnt about the National Residue Control Plan and the Import Control Plan as a Risk Management Tool in Germany.

The Codex Contact Point of Uzbekistan, Anvar Shukurov, said: “The study visit plays an important role in developing the capacity of the Codex infrastructure in Uzbekistan. Familiarization with the experience of a country that is very successful when it comes to ensuring food safety and participation in Codex Alimentarius allows us to understand and implement the core steps and values for better engagement of Uzbekistan in Codex.”

True commitment to stepping up participation in Codex activities

“The Uzbek experts demonstrated a keen interest in every aspect of Germany’s work as a Codex Member, and true commitment to stepping up participation in Codex activities” added Anne Beutling, Chairperson of CCEURO. “I am pleased that the upcoming 33rd session of CCEURO will offer an excellent opportunity to follow up on conversations about cooperation on Codex-related matters, re-connect to German experts, particularly in the priority area of pesticide residues, and establish further partnerships for Uzbekistan within the region” she continued.

Uzbekistan joined the Codex Alimentarius Commission in 2005. With its favourable climatic conditions, the country is a fruit and vegetables exporter of growing international importance. In preparation of its accession to the World Trade Organization significant efforts have been made to enhance sanitary and phytosanitary standards and infrastructure and to build a functioning Codex Contact Point in the country. 

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Photo © Germany, Vanessa Beier