Global Feed Safety Platform

Codex Alimentarius Guidance for Governments on Prioritizing Hazards in Feed - CAC/GL 81-2013

Standards and guideline
2013 - FAO/WHO - Codex Alimentarius
Hazard identification, Risk assessment, Risk management
Hazard prioritization is part of the risk management process within the risk analysis framework. The purpose of prioritizing hazards in feed as described in this document is to contribute to the safety of edible products by optimizing allocation of the resources required for risk assessment and risk management. This document provides guidance to governments on prioritizing hazards in feed and feed ingredients using the multicriteria analysis approach. However, it is recognized that other approaches to prioritize hazards might be used. This guidance is applicable to all hazards in the feed of food-producing animals which may adversely affect human health. Agents which may adversely affect animal health but which have no impact on food safety are not considered in this guidance, as they are not within the scope of the Codex Alimentarius. Direct human exposure to hazards in feed, for example occupational exposure during feed production and processing, is not considered, as it is not within the scope of the Codex Alimentarius.

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