Global Feed Safety Platform

Monitoring global progress on antimicrobial resistance

2018 - FAO, WHO, OIETripartite
Antimicrobial resistance
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a grave threat to human health and economic development[1]. Countries are at different stages in responding to the growing threat posed by AMR. Some countries, including many European countries, have experience with AMR policies in human and agricultural sectors for more than two decades. Others have only recently acted to contain AMR. WHO, FAO, OIE developed a Global Action Plan on AMR (GAP) in 2015 as a cross-sectoral approach to combatting AMR. All countries approved the GAP and agreed to adopt National Action Plans on AMR by 2017. The Tripartite Organisations have developed a framework for monitoring and evaluation to assist with the achievement of GAP, and created a national self-assessment survey containing questions structured around the objectives of the GAP. The first wave of this survey was sent to WHO’s 194 member countries in late-2016. The survey instrument was subsequently revised and a second wave was initiated in late-2017.

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