Thanks very much, FAO for this initiative, and public consultation. While considering that FAO's "Core food and agricultural indicators for measuring the private sector’s contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals" is a comprehensive report I would like to suggest the followings;

1. It's good that you have considered water use efficiency and energy and transport efficiency widely. I propose to consider the efficiency of food production as well. Because increasing efficiency and productivity is highly essential to achieve sustainability. Using less or the same input to produce more output, reducing waste, and reducing negative externalities can be captured through efficiency measures.

2.  more emphasis on the individuals, smallholder farmers and village-based merchants which is the largest proportion of the farming community in most Asian countries is important rather than considering multinational corporations. Otherwise, this measurement will lose part of the important segment of developing countries.  Though measuring will be difficult it will give more meaning to the measurement.

3. Further, causes for supply chain disruptions during pandemic, food waste during the pandemic due to sudden lockdowns, quality, and sustainability of emerging methods of food delivering, and the contribution of the private sector to mitigate such problems are some of the other areas  should be considered. 

Sajeevani Weerasekara, Sri Lanka