The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)


Dear FSN Moderator,

Thank you for giving The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) the opportunity to provide comments on the FAO consultation -- “What are the barriers and opportunities for scientists and other knowledge holders to contribute to informing policy for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems?” We look forward to the outcomes of this online consultation that will stand to inform work on the development of guidance for strengthening science-policy interfaces as well as science- and evidence-based policy processes for agrifood systems, helping to ensure that effective policy decisions are made based upon sufficient, relevant and credible science and evidence.

For the past 20 years GAIN’s programmes have delivered impact locally and inspired policy for national and global action. Our programmatic activity directly benefits over one billion people globally and forms the basis for the policy actions we advocate with partners. The focus of all of our programmes is on transforming food systems so they deliver better diets for everyone - particularly for those most at risk of malnutrition as they have poor quality diets. (20 stories of impact; 2017-2022).

Please find the extended comments in the attached file.