Dear colleagues, I would like to offer the following comments from NSAG (Animal Production and Genetics Branch) of FAO:

  1. The proposed scope refers to farmers and farms but should be inclusive covering all agricultural sectors and production systems including livestock keepers and pastoralists.
  2. It will be very important to check whether the different food groups are incorporated in data systems adequately and at the right level of granularity. There is a bias towards plant-based foods. It will be further important to see whether the different food groups can be analyzed holistically from production to consumption differentiating nutritional needs by age group and gender.
  3. Sustainable agricultural practices need to be seen by production system not sector. Often agricultural production systems are being described only from crop production perspectives while the majority of farmers integrate crop and livestock production and often even aquatic animals, and trees. We need to arrive at a more systemic and holistic approach.

with kind regards, Beate Scherf