• Given the global scope of the CoCoFe, do you think the objectives are appropriate? If not, how would you add to them or modify them?

Objectives are appropriate for me. No changes are necessary in the objectives.

  • How should be the CoCoFe be structured to have the maximum positive impact?

In general the code of conduct should be rigid which should not be changed in any circumstances. It should be powerful and strict to take action for any guilty person.

  • Who would be the best audience for the CoCoFe to meet our objectives and how could we broaden and diversify this audience to increase its influence?

Both the farmers who use the fertilizers and the producers who do supply of fertilizers are the best audience for this purpose. The audience can be broadening towards the community people, consumer societies, and the merchants/shopkeepers dealing with fertilizers. They can be given orientations about the contents and theme of the code of conduct. Besides, there should be provisioned of penalty if somebody discard the clauses of code of conduct

  • What should the scope of the CoCoFe be? Which nutrient input sources should be included; only synthetic fertilizers, or also manure, biosolids, compost, etc.? Should other products such as bio-stimulants, nitrification inhibitors, urease inhibitors, etc., be included as well?

Code of conduct should be applied for all the fertilizers and manures too. However, synthetic fertilizers are more sensitive than the others from the point of view of health hazards. It is recommended to include the other products too as mentioned above in the scope of code of conduct.

  • Will the CoCoFe assist in promoting responsible and judicious use of fertilizers? Why or why not? What other suggestions do you have to help the CoCoFe meet our objectives?

I think so. The code of conduct will be supportive to make more responsible to the fertilizer producers and to the farmers too for taking care towards legal provisions. It will be happened because they will be bound with some restrictions under the judicious processes. Actually, people from any disciplines or sectors do not follow the code of conduct in the country. They do not care about it since they feel that the code of conduct is applied only for the fragile persons.

Therefore, the respective government whether from the country, region, or state should strictly follow the legal actions against every guilty person. In the meantime, it should be oriented, disseminated, and trained about the details of the code of conduct through the process of social mobilization.