Upcoming Events

Washington DC (UMD)
30 - 03/02/2023
The Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) will convene its Capacity Building Summit from January 30 to February 03, 2023, in Washington DC. Hosted by GFOI’s Lead partner the US SilvaCarbon Program, the GFOI Capacity Building Summit will assemble representatives from across the GFOI community, including countries receiving technical assistance, capacity-building implementers,...

Past Events
22 - 22/09/2022
SilvaCarbon LACC, the UNFCCC and ColoradoStateU are organizing the virtual Regional Seminar on Gender, Forests and Carbon (Session 1) on 22 September at 9:00 AM GMT-05. Register here to join the session: http://
recordings available!
06 - 08/09/2022
Thank you for joining the webinar series "NICFI High Res 2.0: progress in the tropics". Check out the recordings in the three languages.
Virtual event
06 - 08/09/2022
@GFOI @Climateforest @KSAT_Kongsberg @planetlabs @Airbus announce new webinar series to explore how countries have been using the NICFI Satellite Data Program to monitor their forests and enable action to combat deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. English: Tuesday 6 September @ 09:00 CEST // 14:00 Bangkok // 19:00 Suva. Register here...
National Space Centre, Leicester
06 - 07/09/2022
The UK National Earth Observation Conference 2022 (#UKEO2022) took place on the 6-8th September 2022. The event is the major annual gathering for the Earth Observation, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry community. Read more here.  
Berlin, Germany
29 - 03/09/2022
ForestSAT 2022 will take place from 29 August to 3 September 2022, at the Freie University, Berlin, Germany.
27 - 02/07/2022
Many tropical forested countries have pledged to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation as part of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) or in the context of results-based payments under REDD+ (Art. 5), two elements of the Paris Agreement. The implementing rules of the Agreement introduced more rigorous GHG...