In this video Tom Harvey, GFOI Office Manager at FAO, explains GFOI's approach to engaging with custodian agencies for REDD+
Dr Sarah Carter from the University of Wageningen explains how the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) works to close the knowledge and technology gap between countries in the age of satellites. A number of new satellites are being launched, which generate biomass data and other useful data that countries can...
An overview of the GFOI's Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD). The MGD is an IPCC compliant approach for supporting countries to design and develop MRV procedures for REDD+ that meet their national needs.
An introduction to the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI).
An introduction to REDDcompass, the online platform for the GFOI's Methods and Guidance Documentation.
An overview of how to create an account in REDDcompass and create your own MRV profile
A demonstration of the workflow tracking functionality of REDDcompass
An introduction to the Themes and Concept hierarchy in REDDcompass
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