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Ar Horqin Grassland Nomadic System in Inner Mongolia, China

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The Ar Horqin grassland nomadic system in Inner Mongolia is located in the northern farming-pastoral transitional zone of China. Evolving in the middle of lofty mountains, vast grasslands, densely covered rivers, the traditional nomadic production and life style of Mongolian has been well preserved here in an original way.

This nomadic system enjoys a long history, which is one of the birthplaces of grassland nomadic culture of Mongolians. Several sites in the Neolithic Age unearthed in the heritage site show that people carried out hunting and nomadic production here far back in the Neolithic Age. The special natural environment also gave birth to the unique Mongolian nomadic culture, which is based on the relation of interdependence among sheep, goats, cattle, horses, camels and other livestock, also giving birth to many excellent livestock breeds with local features like Mongolia sheep, Zhaowuda beef, Hanshan white cashmere goat, Mongolian horse, Hy-line variety brown.

Based on traditional knowledge and accumulated generations of experience, Mongolian herders have developed an healthy ecosystem and reasonable landscape structure. Indeed, the heritage site has a variety of ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers and so on, with important ecological functions. The forests and shrubs on the hillside can conserve water, and in conjunction with the surface runoff formed by precipitation, has the functions of nourishing grasslands, promoting nutrient cycling and ensuring the domestic water of herdsmen.

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CHINA - Ar Horqin Grassland Nomadic System in Inner Mongolia