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Details of Spain’s Agricultural Heritage Practice of cultivation of Ancient Olive Trees now available

09 March 2021

The FAO GIAHS Secretariat is pleased to announce the release of agricultural practice of the valonas  Ancient Olive Trees in Territorio Sénia, Spain on the FAO Platform TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers.

Get a unique insight into these remarkable dry-stone structures built around millenary trees in the GIAHS site of the Territory of Sénia, Spain. Contributing to the mitigation of violent winds, droughts, and other negative impacts, the Valonas support the resilience and maintenance of the unique Mediterranean landscape of Sénia.

GIAHS and TECA joined forces to disseminate practical information on proven agricultural practices and facilitate knowledge exchange among family farmers for sustainable and inclusive rural transformation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Discover, share and communicate the importance of this traditional practice and how to replicate it!

Find the practice here.

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