Tuna Fisheries in the Pacific amidst COVID-19 - 25 November 2020


For the past few months, INFOFISH has been organizing a series of webinars relating to Tuna fishery in different aspects concerning global trade and markets, certification and technology and the conclusion of the recent Tuna 2021 virtual prelude which is a lead up to the Tuna 2021 conference.

INFOFISH has also been encouraged to organize a webinar focusing on “Tuna fisheries in the Pacific amidst COVID-19”,considering that the vast majority of tuna consumed around the world is caught in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean region and for this reason, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in this region needs to be addressed. The webinar has been scheduled on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 1000hrs (GMT/UTC +8 hrs.)

In this special webinar, INFOFISH will be engaging Frontliners from the Pacific Tuna industry so register now to secure a spot.

For any information regarding the program and registration, click on the following link: http://infofish.org/Webinar/index.php/tuna-fisheries-in-the-pacific-amidst-covid-19

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