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Biodiversity is essential to sustainable food and agriculture

The species, genetic resources and ecosystems in and around our food production systems have important roles to play. From bees and earthworms to coral reefs and rainforests, biodiversity helps to keep our agrifood systems healthy, productive and resilient.

These are just some of the vital functions various species and ecosystems perform in and around our production systems:

The control of pests

The pollination of plants

The maintenance of soil fertility

But biodiversity for food and agriculture is declining

As a result of drivers such as climate change, land-use change, pollution and overharvesting, the ecosystems, species and genetic diversity on which food and agriculture depend are being lost

Improvements to the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity for food and agriculture are also being hampered by gaps in knowledge, shortfalls in funding, inadequate cooperation and a lack of political commitment

But there is good news

The use of biodiversity-friendly practices in agriculture is reported to be increasing. And many countries have put in place legal frameworks targeting the conservation of biodiversity in food and agriculture.

There is an urgent need to build on these developments

Together we can promote and support biodiversity and ensure the future productivity of our agrifood systems.

It’s time to take action

FAO’s Framework for Action on Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture presents over 50 actions that policymakers and governments can take to make a difference, from biodiversity monitoring to conservation. Download the framework and see how we can make a difference.

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