Vigo Dialogue on Decent Work in Fisheries and Aquaculture
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4 October 2016, Rome/Vigo--- Human rights and labour abuses in the seafood sector have become widely publicized issues. Cases of forced labour, human trafficking, child labour, but also poor occupational safety on fishing vessels and in fish processing plants have been reported across fisheries sectors worldwide. With increased attention, social sustainability and the call for decent work in the seafood sector are moving up the agenda of Governments and other stakeholders in the industry. On the 4th of October in Vigo, Spain, seafood industry representatives, civil society organizations including fish workers’ unions, Government representatives and international organizations took part in a conference to address some of these issues.

Uwe Barg, an Aquaculture Officer with FAO in Rome, tells more about what can be expected from this dialogue. (Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
5min. 34sec.
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