Diagnostic Tools for Investment (DTI) in water for agriculture and energy

About the DTI
Water is a key resource in agriculture and energy production and the possibility of harnessing its vast potential would markedly contribute towards food and energy security. Reaching this goal requires a deep understanding of the current situation of the water sector at country level including: the use of water resources, the legal, policy, and institutional frameworks governing the management of water resources, and the level of investment in water resources development and management.

The Diagnostic Toolbox for Investment in Water for Agriculture and Energy offers an integrated platform to systematically assess, at country level, trends in use of water resources, the policy and institutional frameworks and the investment needs and potential to boost the sustainable use of water. It does that through three different tools that work in synergy to provide a clear representation of the use and management of water resources for agriculture development and energy generation.

These are:

Context tool Institutional and Policy Tool Financial tool