This series of e-learning courses assists professionals from all food and agriculture fields in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition-sensitive programmes, policies and investments. The courses use a scenario-based and experiential learning approach and cover all forms of malnutrition and a diversity of contexts. 

Nutrition, food security and livelihoods: basic concepts 
Discover the basics of nutrition, food security and livelihoods. Get familiar with the frameworks for food security, nutrition security and livelihoods concepts.

Improving nutrition through agriculture and food systems
Explore the linkages between agriculture, food systems and nutrition by using examples of successful nutrition-sensitive policies, investments and programmes.

How to conduct a nutrition situation analysis
Carry out a nutrition situation analysis. Learn how to select objectives, target groups, indicators and activities for greater impact on nutrition.

Design and monitor nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems programmes 
Formulate and keep track of nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food system programmes. Learn how to address key features of the design and monitoring of nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems programmes.

Agreeing on causes of malnutrition for joint action
Improve your understanding of the multi-sectoral causes of malnutrition and learn how to support integrated nutrition planning, through the use of the “problem-and-solution tree” methodology.

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