Pesticide Registration Toolkit

Workshop in Thailand brings together regulators from several South-East Asian countries

06/08/2018 - 10/08/2018

Pesticide regulators from departments of agriculture and public health in Thailand met in Bangkok for a workshop on the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit. They were joined by regulators from Cambodia and Lao PDR.

In total 25 technical staff discussed different aspects of pesticide registration, such as decision making, data requirements, assessment methods and risk mitigation. They were trained on the navigation and use of the Toolkit and reviewed how best to apply this tool in national registration of agricultural, domestic and public health pesticides. Specific attention was given in the workshop to highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs), which included technical support for the identification and assessment of HHPs as well as development of mitigation measures to reduce risks associated with such pesticides.

This workshop aimed at strengthening pesticide regulatory management capacity within Thailand, Cambodia and Lao PDR and enhance regional collaboration and information exchange between pesticide regulatory authorities. It was organized in a collaboration between FAO and the Swedish Chemical Agency (KEMI) and hosted by the Department of Agriculture of the Royal Thai Government.