Соглашение о мерах государства порта (СМГП)
An expert-level discussion on the dangers IUU-fishing poses took place at the Second Global Fishery Forum. The issue is not confined to the threat to effective preservation and sustainable use of fish stock. IUU- fishing contributes to degradation of fish...
Article, in Spanish, published in Aqua.cl.  Click here to read it.
Television news feature on Ghana's TV3 following a Capacity Development workshop held by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) in Accra, Ghana in view of the country's implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement.  In English. Follow...
Article, in English, published on GhanaNewsAgency.org following an FAO Capacity Development initiative.  Read the article here.
Article, in English, published in The Times of Malta. Read the article here.