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Poultry development

The sustainable development of the poultry sector can play a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It can do much to improve the livelihoods of the millions of people who depend on poultry keeping for a living. At the same time, it can also help provide affordable proteins and micronutrients to the undernourished; improve public health; help mitigate climate change (as poultry systems can be environmentally friendly); and generate broader benefits through spillover effects.

Family poultry rearing is widely practiced in many developing countries and vital to millions of poor people. Family poultry development can enhance the food and nutrition security of the poorest households, improve livelihoods and promote gender equity. Market-oriented family poultry enterprises may be the first step in allowing poor households to break out of the vicious circle of poverty and deprivation.

Since poultry is often the domain of poor women, poultry development can advance women’s empowerment and gender equality. Poultry interventions that target women focus on training them in simple technologies such as poultry health care (vaccination and treatment), housing, and supplementary feeding.