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Hundred and Eighteenth Session of the
Finance Committee

Rome,  17-25 May 2007

List of DocumentsDownloadID
FC 118/1 Provisional Agenda J9656E
FC 118/1 Corr.1 Provisional Agenda- Corr.1 J9656E
FC 118/1 Add.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J9658E
FC 118/1 Corr.2 Provisional Agenda J9656E
FC 118/2 Annual Report on Budgetary Performance and Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 2006-07 Biennium J9722E
FC 118/3 Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears J9666E
FC 118/4 Report on Investments 2006 J9637E
FC 118/5 Progress Report on the Implementation of the External Auditor's Recommendations J9757E
FC 118/6 2006 Annual Activity Report of the Office of the Inspector General J9512E
FC 118/7 FAO Audit Committee (Internal) - Annual Report to the Director-General for 2006 J9625E
FC 118/8 Appointment of the External Auditor J9760E
FC 118/10 Scale of Contributions 2008-2009 J9631E
FC 118/10 Corr. 1 Scale of Contributions 2008-2009 J9631E
FC 118/11 After Service Medical Coverage Funding in 2008-2009 J9729E
FC 118/12 Progress Report on Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards J9759E
FC 118/12-Corr.1 Progress Report on Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards J9759E
FC 118/13 Measures to Improve the Organization's Cash Shortage Situation J9775E
FC 118/15 Statistics on Human Resources J9892E
FC 118/16 Decisions of the General Assembly on Recommendations of the International Civil Service Commission and UN Joint Staff Pension Board (including Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances) J9717E
FC 118/17 Resources for the Human Resources Management Division (AFH) J9928E
FC 118/18 Progress Report on FAO Administrative Resources Management Systems J9662E
FC 118/20 B.R. Sen Award - Proposal for Prize Increase J9529E
FC 118/34 c Request for specific audit examination under Financial Regulation 12.6 of projects under negotiation for the FAO/WB-funded Avian Influenza Control Program K0037E
PC 97/4 f Conduct and Resourcing of Independent Evaluation of Extrabudgetary Work J9758E
FC 118/INF - SeriesDownloadID
FC 118/INF/1-Rev.1 Provisional Timetable-Rev.1 J9657E
CL 132- SERIESDownloadID
CL 132/3 Summary Programme of Work and Budget 2008-09 (SPWB) J9624E
CL 132/17 Adoption of Russian as a Language of FAO J9689E
CL 132/INF/9 Status of FAO's Engagement in the United Nations System Reforms J9778E
CL 132/INF/10 Policies of United Nations System Organizations Towards the Use of Open Source Software (OSS) for Development (JIU/REP/2005/7) J9868E
CL 132/INF/11 A Second Review of the Implementation of Headquarters Agreements concluded by United Nations System Organizations: Provision of Headquarters premises and other Facilities by Host Countries (JIU/REP/2006/4) J9869E
CL 132/INF/12 Towards a United Nations humanitarian Assistance Programme for Disaster Response and Reduction: Lessons Learned from the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster (JIU/REP/2006/5) J9870E
FC 118/22 Costs and Benefits of New Initiatives in Profile Raising 7500E
FC 118/23 Progress Report on the Implementation of the External Auditor Recommendations 7502E
FC 118/24 a Annual Accounts 2006 ? Part I 7501E
FC 118/24 b Annual Accounts 2006 ? Part II 7607E
FC 118/25 Report of the Executive Director on the Utilization of Contributions and Waivers of Costs (General Rules XII.4 and XIII.4g) 7503E
FC 118/26 Update on the WFP Management Plan 7504E
FC 118/27 Report on WFP's Investment Performance J9783E
FC 118/28 Fourth Progress Report on the Implementation of International Public Sector Accounting Standards 7608E
FC 118/29 Funding of Employee Benefits and Terminations 7619E
FC 118/30 Update on Capacity Building (Strategic Object 5) 7505E
FC 118/31 Report of the Internal Audit Committee - CANCELLED
FC 118/32 Status Report on the WINGS II project 6665E
JM 07.1/1 Provisional Agenda J9396E
JM 07.1/3 Collaboration on Administrative and Processing Work between FAO, WFP and IFAD J9832E

CL 132/14 Report of the 118th Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 17-25 May 2007)
CL 132/04 Report of the Joint Meeting of the Ninety-seventh Session of the Programme Committee and the Hundred and Eighteenth Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 23 May 2007)

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