WASAG – 全球农业缺水框架


  During this session, government representatives of the Global South and of the North, international partnerships hosted by the FAO, as well as business, civil society and researchers were brought together to address head on the challenge of salinity. Read more.
  During this session, WASAG partners, governments, research institutions, youth and international organizations discussed the importance of empowering youth and how to do it in practice to address water scarcity in a changing climate. Read more.
Join WASAG held two sessions at the 2021 WWW titled 'Accelerating Food and Water Security: Role of the UNFSS' and 'Integrated drought resilience in a changing climate' from the WASAG working groups on water and nutrition and on drought preparedness. Read more.
由粮农组织土地和水资源司主办的全球农业缺水框架(WASAG)与合作伙伴合作,创建了一系列10个网络研讨会,涵盖性别与缺水、盐碱地农业、融资机制、水与营养、藜麦和水生产力。 这些网络研讨会的录音,以及发言者的简历和他们的演讲副本,都可以在我们的网站上看到。
阅读新的2021-2024年WASAG战略 "Turning water scarcity into opportunities for sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition"