Who are the YUNGA Ambassadors?

YUNGA ambassadors have a wide range of talents, but they all share a common commitment to the environment and social welfare.

Celebrities have strong potential to attract attention to key issues and focus the world’s eyes on the needs of our planet. Their support helps to amplify the universal message of youth development, engagement and participation.

Moreover, all of the YUNGA ambassadors believe in the importance of enhancing the possibilities of children and young people to take an active leadership role throughout society. They want to help to ensure your participation in building a world that is truly fit for future generations!

The YUNGA Ambassadors are: Alessia FilippiAnggun, Carl Lewis, Debi NovaFanny Lu, Lea Salonga, NadéahPercanceRaoul Bova, and Valentina Vezzali.

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YUNGA ambassadors have a key role to help motivate young people to take action for a better world. Find out more about each ambassador by clicking on their photo!