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Regional approach
Human Health Environment
Technical Workshop on Locust Control, 18-22 October 2010, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The Agenda of the Technical Workshop was as follows:


1. Opening address
2. Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Drafting Committee
3. Adoption of the agenda

Session 1: National locust situations in 2010

4. Framework for countries’ presentation

Session 2: FAO regional locust project TCP/INT/3202 (D) and related activities

5. Status of the FAO regional project TCP/INT/3202 (D)
6. Gathering and sharing information:
   • In-country use of standard survey and control forms
   • Monthly national locust bulletins
   • Monthly regional locust bulletins
   • Website “Locust Watch in Caucasus and Central Asia”
   • Russian Bibliography on Orthopteroid Insects
7. Technical assistance provided to Georgia in April 2010
8. Technical assistance provided to Uzbekistan in August 2010

Session 3: Efficient and environmentally less hazardous strategies, technologies and products for locust control: From theory to practice

9. Overview of control strategies and techniques currently used for locust control
10. Locust spraying: ULV vs. EC
11. Outputs of emergency assistance provided to Georgia: focus on ULV spraying
12. FAO approach to evaluation of insecticides for locust control: Presentation of the latest Pesticide Referee Group Report (2004)
13. Accomplishments in locust bio-control
14. Results of recent trials carried out in Georgia and in Uzbekistan with biopesticides
15. Safety and Environmental precautions: How to reduce risks to human health and the environment

Session 4: Future activities

16. Locust forecast for 2011 and preparation of the next campaign (presentation by countries)
17. Five-year Programme to improve national and regional cooperation in Caucasus and Central Asia
18. Pursuing Regional Technical Cooperation in 2011
19. Any other business


20. Adoption and signature of the report
21. Closure address


Note. There are no working papers for Items 1-2, 12, 14 and 19-21 of the Provisional Agenda.


Report Technical Workshop 2010

List of documents

Item 2-Provisional Agenda

Item 3-Provisional timetable

Item 4-National locust situations in 2010

Item 5-Status of the project TCP/INT/3202(D)

Item 6-Gathering and sharing information

Item 7-Technical assistance in Georgia

Item 8-Technical assistance in Uzbekistan

Item 8 ppt-Technical assistance provided to Uzbekistan

Item 9-Locust control strategies and techniques

Item 9 ppt-Locust control strategies and techniques

Item 10-Locust spraying: ULV vs. EC

Item 10 ppt-Locust spraying: ULV vs. EC

Item 11-Emergency assistance to Georgia: focus on ULV spraying

Item 12-PRG Report, 2004

Item 13-Locust bio-control

Item 15-Safety and Environmental precautions

Item 16-Forecast for 2011

Item 17-Five-year Programme

Item 18-Pursuing Technical Cooperation in 2011