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"Where war sprung up, Colombia will sow the seeds of peace," said FAO Director-General regarding the priority given to rural development in the peace agreements

Legisladores de 9 países definirán una agenda conjunta para contribuir a Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y al Plan de seguridad alimentaria y erradicación del hambre de la CELAC.

FAO highlights mutual contingency funds as a valuable tool to increase the resilience of smallholder farmers through shared savings.

UN calls for greater action in the fight against malnutrition, hunger and obesity during Nutrition for Growth event in Rio de Janeiro.

In depth

Sustainable Development Goals

Launch of new sustainable development agenda to guide development actions for the next 15 years


October to December 2015. (spanish only)

Discussion documents

Series of documents by various authors to broaden the discussion on food sovereignty.


Núcleo de Capacitación en Políticas Públicas