38 FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean

Georgetown (Guyana), Hybrid Event, 18/03/2024 - 21/03/2024

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38th Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean

Georgetown, Guyana 

The FAO Regional Conference is an official forum where Member Nations of the region meet to discuss challenges and priority issues related to food and agriculture to promote regional coherence on global policy issues.

As the main governing body of the Organization at the regional level, the Regional Conference is essential to ensure the effectiveness of FAO's work at the service of Member Nations and define priority areas of work for each biennium.

The 38 Regional Conference is a forum for dialogue and technical and political discussion at the highest level on the progress and challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

By decision adopted by the region's Member countries at the 37th session, Guyana will host the 38th FAO Regional Conference, demonstrating a strong interest and commitment to promoting regional efforts to combat hunger and malnutrition from a Caribbean perspective.

The "Quito to Georgetown" process has become a mechanism to reach consensus and consolidate actions that adapt to a new regional dynamic and advance in the transformation of agrifood systems under a continuous, active, and sustained effort, with a strong coherence of a present and future vision. 

The Regional Conference will synthesize FAO's lines of work under four Regional Priorities, reflecting the Four Improvements of the Organization's Strategic Framework. These four interconnected dimensions contribute to the transformation of agrifood systems:

  • Regional Priority 1: Efficient, Inclusive and Sustainable Production (Better Production). 
  • Regional Priority 2: Ending hunger and achieving food security and nutrition (Improved Nutrition).
  • Regional Priority 3: Sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change (Better Environment).
  • Regional Priority 4: Reducing inequalities and poverty and promoting resilience (Better Life). 

Also, the Regional Conference will address FAO's global initiatives in the region, like the Hand in Hand Initiative, the 1000 Digital Villages Initiative, and One Country One Priority.

The 38th session of the Regional Conference will have two momentums: a Senior Officers meeting in virtual format from March 11-13 and the Ministerial Meeting from March 18-21, in Georgetown, Guyana.

The Regional Conference will be attended by government officials from FAO's thirty-three Member Nations, Heads of State, Ministers of Agriculture and Ministers from other sectors, the Holy See, organizations and specialized agencies of the United Nations System, intergovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, private sector organizations, academia and research institutions, parliamentarians, observers and non-member countries.

In addition, the Regional Conference's high-level policy discussions on agrifood systems have attracted the attention of institutions recently associated with FAO's work in the region, including regional and international development banks and financial institutions.

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