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Regional approach
Human Health Environment
Regional Consultation on Locust Management in Caucasus and Central Asia, 27-30 October 2009, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The Agenda of the Regional Consultation was as follows:


1.    Opening address
2.    Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Drafting Committee
3.    Adoption of the agenda

Session 1: National locust situations in 2008/2009

4.    Presentation by country

Session 2: Towards regional cooperation

5.    Presentation of the analytical report on locust situations and management and recommendations
6.    Ways and modalities for regional cooperation, including implementation schedule

Session 3: Gathering and sharing information

7.    Standard survey and control forms
8.    Monthly national locust bulletins
9.    Website “Locust Watch in Caucasus and Central Asia”

Session 4: Next activities within project TCP/INT/3202 (D)

10.     Workshop on locust control: objectives & content
11.     Preparation of the 2010 locust campaign
12.     Any other business


13.     Adoption and signature of the report
14.     Feedback by the participants
15.     Closure address


Report Regional Consultation 2009

List of documents

Item 2-Provisional agenda

Item 3-Provisional timetable

Item 4-National locust situations in 2009

Item 5-Summary Analytical Report

Item 6-Ways and modalities for reg. coop

Item 7a-Locust survey form

Item 7b-Spray monitoring form

Item 8-Template for Monthly National Locust Bulletin

Item 9-Locust Watch in CCA

Item 10-Workshop on locust control

Item 11-Preparation of the 2010 campaign