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The "Joint Meeting on Pesticide Specifications" (JMPS) is an expert ad hoc body administered jointly by FAO and WHO, composed of scientists collectively possessing expert knowledge of the development of specifications. Their opinions and recommendations to FAO/WHO are provided in their individual expert capacities, not as representatives of their countries or organizations.

The primary function of the JMPS are to produce recommendations to FAO and/or WHO on the adoption, extension, modification or withdrawal of specifications and to develop guidance and procedures in establishing pesticide specifications and equivalence determination which has also its relevance to the registration and quality control of pesticide in national or regional authorities. 

Call for Data for the convention of the old Specifications

Meetings on Pesticide Specifications 

FAO Panel of Experts on Pesticide Specifications

Programme for Development of FAO and WHO Specifications for pesticides (2002-2015)

FAO is publishing specifications for pesticides and their related formulations, as well the accompanying manual on the development and use of these specifications.

The purpose of these publications is to provide: 

  • a normal standard of quality for the buying and selling of pesticides
  • assistance in the official approval and acceptance of pesticides
  • protection for responsible vendors against inferior products
  • a link between biological efficacy and specification requirements
  • an international point of reference;

List of specifications developed under the old procedure (before 1999)

List of specifications developed under the new procedure

List of Pesticides evaluated by JMPR and JMPS

The 1st edition of the Manual on development and use of FAO/WHO Specifications for Pesticides  was published in 2002.

In November 2005, FAO and WHO organized a consultation with members of the JMPS and other experts to form a revised 1st edition of the Manual.  The revision was agreed by JMPS members and, in February 2006, was adopted by FAO and WHO for publication on their websites. (go to the Manual on development and use of FAO/WHO Specifications for Pesticides page).

Other documents in support of FAO specifications

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