Producción y productos lácteos


Esta sección se centra en las conferencias, talleres, cursos de capacitación y otros eventos organizados por la FAO y otras organizaciones en materia de producción y productos lácteos en los países en desarrollo. Haciendo clic en el nombre del evento es posible obtener mayor información sobre el mismo.

The 3rd Asian-Australasian Dairy Goat Conference (AADGC2016)

From: 09-05-2016 to: 13-05-2016

This conference will feature leading scientists and policymakers who will review the current state of knowledge and communicate significant new developments and advancements in the breeding, nutrition, diseases prevention and milk products of dairy goat. 

While the conference is focused on research and associated policy developments it will also be of... [read more]

Día mundial de la leche

From: 01-06-2016 to: 01-06-2016

Muchos países han conmemorado el Día Mundial de la Leche desde el 1 de Junio de 2001, fecha en que se celebró por primera vez, y su número va en aumento.

Porqué celebrar el Día Mundial de la Leche? Porque nos brinda la oportunidad para enfocar toda nuestra atención en la leche, publicitando las actividades... [read more]

Global Dairy Congress Africa 2016

From: 01-06-2016 to: 02-06-2016

Global Dairy Congress Africa 2016 aims to be the most influential dairy event in Africa to help accelerating African dairy value chain development, by gathering 350+ regional and global dairy community to figure out solutions for key issues like development policy, dairy farming, infrastructure support, processing technologies, products innovation trends,... [read more]

12th African Dairy Conference & Exhibition

From: 31-08-2016 to: 02-09-2016

The 12th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition bring to   life discussions on critical issues in the dairy industry from farm to   fork. The conference will play host to over 700 delegates (policies and   decision makers) from over 50 countries within and outside Africa
The two-day conference will have eight topical... [read more]

6th IDF International Mastitis Conference

From: 07-09-2016 to: 09-09-2016

The 6th IDF International Mastitis conference will report innovative research and other advances in understanding, treatment and prevention of mastitis worldwide.It will attract mastitis leaders (academic, technical, communicators etc.) to discuss progress since the 2010 meeting in New Zealand.

The program of the event is currently being developed. The following themes... [read more]

Global Dairy Congress China 2016

From: 21-09-2016 to: 23-09-2016

Global Dairy Congress China 2016 aims to be the most influential Dairy event in China for 300+ industry chain stakeholders to offer the solutions to the challenges via grasping consumer perspectives, R&D trends, processing technologies, market prospects and development opportunities, together with global good practice sharing to accelerate industry restructuring,... [read more]

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