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Building a dairy innovation platform: Lessons from Tanzania

Country: Tanzania
This film shares the experience of building an innovation platform to support dairy production in Tanzania. Two development sector experts talk about the Tanga Dairy Platform and how it... [watch video]

Fighting aflatoxins: Reducing risks in Kenya's food chains

Country: Kenya
This film tells the story of a four-year project that is mitigating and measuring the risk of mycotoxins in maize and dairy products for poor consumers in Kenya. [watch video]

Newly opened Tajik dairy marks a milestone in milk processing

Country: Tajikistan
The Murghab district is populated by semi-nomadic communities, mostly of Kyrgyz origin. People living in the highlands of... [watch video]

More money, milk and meat: Promoting mass artificial insemination for Ethiopian cattle

Country: Ethiopia
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)- Produced about the work of the Improving Productivity and Market Success (IPMS) of... [watch video]

Living from milk: Transforming dairying in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania
This is the story of Faustina Akyoo, a dairy farmer from Tanga in Tanzania, who talks about the benefits of dairying and being a member of the Tanga Dairy... [watch video]

Cows in the city: A living from milk

Country: Tanzania
This film tells the story of Sheha Saidi, a dairy farmer from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who shares her experiences of the differences between keeping dairy cattle in the city... [watch video]

MilkIT: Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India through feed innovation

Country: India
Video sharing results of the MilkIT project in Uttarakhand (India). The project was funded by IFAD. [watch video]

Shamba Shape Up -Dairy

Country: Kenya
The Shamba Shape Up programme is showing how to improve management and feeding of dairy cows kept by small farmers. [watch video]

Dairy in Southeast Asia: A Rapid overview of key trends and some issues

Country: Thailand
World Milk Day 2013 A Healthy and Prosperous Southeast Asia: Where Fits Dairy? [watch video]

ASEAN Community Building: Challenges and Opportunities for the Livestock and Dairy Sector

Country: Thailand
World Milk Day 2013 A Healthy and Prosperous Southeast Asia:Where Fits Dairy? [watch video]
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